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Elite Netting offers protective netting structures for all industries and environmental pressures including wind management and hail protection.
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Protective Netting Structures

Elite Netting offers protective netting structures for all industries and environmental pressures including pest, sun and evaporation protection.
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Pest Protection

Protect your investment from pests causing damage and effecting your bottom line. Whether that’s birds, bats, kangaroos or bees that are eating your fruit, nesting in your shed, pollinating your citrus, etc. We have a solution for it all.

Evaporation Protection

Water is the source of life for all living things on our planet. Minimising your evaporation through wind and heat will increase your productivity. Whether that be from minimising these factors around your trees or ensuring your dam maintains it’s water levels.

Wind Protection

Wind can effect many important factors reducing the quality of your fruit. Causing evaporation, erosion, blemishing on your fruit and more. This can all be reduced by a quality windbreak or fully enclosed structure.

Hail Protection

Our specially designed hail protection structure combines a trellis system with a bungie release netting system for severe hail events. Don’t need trellis? We also do flat top hail protection.

Sun Protection

Sun burn is an increasing problem across any crop. Our netting covers will protect from  10% to just take off the extreme burn right up to 95% cover for a very tropical environment.

About Elite Netting

Elite Netting first began assisting a horticultural, surveying, and conservation supplier (JA Grigson Trading) by James Grigson. The increased expansion and growth of netting sales brought about the demand for a solid structural fitting solution. This expansion created Innovative Horticultural Structures (IHS) who developed many different designs to cater for all the different client requirements. After changing the name to Elite Netting, they are continuing to grow along with G2 Netting and JA Grigson Trading to provide top of the line netting structures.

Elite Netting specialise in protection against environmental pressure in a variety of industries. They continue to innovate new methods and designs to ensure their clients are getting the most out of their investment.



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